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Time Bracketing Study: Stata Latin Guy Hoffman 18 Sep @ 20:46

Time Bracketing is an interactive time-as-space compositing technique intended to photographically depict a time-varying space or object in a single image without spatial distortion or visual fragmentation. One of its main artistic motivations is restoration of the central role of subject over technique in digital time-as-space manipulation. Time Bracketing is also intended as a new way to consider architectural photography, as shown in these studies. The images were created using custom authoring software written specifically for this process.

Looking Back 25 Years: SIGGRAPH 82 Art Show Copper Frances Giloth, Invited Artist 18 Sep @ 20:42

Twenty five years ago, ACM SIGGRAPH sponsored its first juried public exhibition of experimental two-dimensional, three-dimensional, interactive, and time-based works by artists and scientists experimenting with computer graphic technologies. Prior to the 1982 Art Show, several informal art shows had taken place in the late 1970s, and in 1981, Darcy Gerbarg curated the 1981 SIGGRAPH Art Show. The popularity of the previous shows convinced the SIGGRAPH organization to fund the 1982 open competition.

Salad Till Nowak 18 Sep @ 20:32

Salad contains several twisted connections between our cultural past and present. The veggie monster combines the 500-hyear old vegetable creations of Giuseppe Arcimboldo with the more recent surrealistic creatures of H.R. Giger. At the same time, it combines the components of a classical oil painting with today’s digital techniques. A common aspect of Till Nowak’s work is inversion of the spectator’s point of view. Here it is reflected by wholesome vegetables in the role of a bloodthirsty creature.

Integrity: structure and surface John McGhee 18 Sep @ 20:26

hese images explore my own interest in beauty, structure, and harmony within the human vascular system, in particular the flow of blood through the human kidney. Medical technologies such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allow clinicians to see ever deeper into our body spaces for the purpose of diagnosis. However, interpretation is restricted to the eye of the trained specialist in a clinical or scientific environment.

Visual Genealogy Jin Wan Park and June Seok Seo 18 Sep @ 20:13

The family tree is a unique theme of study in information visualization. Korean family trees are collections of books that focus on the blood relation on the father’s side, records of the family status, and private records on ancestors’ behaviors, achievements, and epitaphs, a history book for the clan. Like traditional Chinese family trees, Korean family trees are not simple charts like those seen ordinarily in the West.

Genealogy highlight
La grua y la jirafa Vladimir Bellini 14 Sep @ 21:09

This is a love story about a lonely port crane and a cute giraffe. 2D digital animation, 100-percent hand-made. Dedicated to Spanish writer Gomez de la Serna’s greguerias.

Cover image for "La grua y la jirafa"
Ireva Shunsaku Hayashi 14 Sep @ 21:05

I drew this picture when I was in Yokohama, where Admiral Perry arrived in Japan, for an exhibition of my work. At the time, I was studying this major event in history class.

The artist is a ninth-grade student in Osaka. His personal exhibition in Osaka and Tokyo in 2006 was well received, and his work is included in the Epson Color Imaging book published in 2007.

Cover image for "Ireva"
Visual Music Marathon Dennis Miller (Artistic Director) 14 Sep @ 20:59

Visual music is an interdisciplinary artistic genre with roots dating back hundreds of years. The emergence of film and video in the 20th century allowed this genre to reach its full potential. The concept can be applied using a variety of approaches; for example, works in which the images and music are directly tied by sharing parameters or works in which the images “interpret” the music (of visa versa). A tired category is pieces in which the visuals are edited in tight synchrony with ties in the music. The common theme is that the music and images are closely related in some form.

Animation on DVD
Intertwined: Person, Place, and Tim Jessica Maloney 14 Sep @ 20:50

The journey of the spirit is woven through this piece. A weathered house is shown, the gaping holes in its wooden exterior allowing the elements in. Clearly, this structure is no longer a home, but it is the process of fading into history. The stories once played out inside its walls are slowly getting lost in time. The house exists in a field, and the wide-open space is a perfect image of memory, expansive and exhausting. Yet overlapping and perhaps entwined with this memory field are the organic lines of a map.

Image of artwork
HMS Royal Oak Chris Rowland 14 Sep @ 20:47

The wreck of the HMS Royal Oak lies on the sea bed in Scapa Flow, Orkney. This image was produced from 3D point-cloud data gathered using high-resolution multi-beam sonar during a survey of the wreck in 2006 by ADUS.

Historic shipwrecks on the sea bed are of significant interest for a number of reasons. They may contain toxic or explosive cargo or may leak corrosive substances that can adversely affect the local marine environment.

3D visualization of multi-beam sonar point-cloud data
Global Eyes Web Site Alejandro Perez-Avila-Perez 14 Sep @ 20:29

This web site highlight alternative networks that connect creative people around the world, including native and indigenous communities that use digital media to bring their voices, memories and cultures to each other and a wider public, transcending political boundaries.

Earth Image
ATLAS in Silico Ruth West 14 Sep @ 20:21

ATLAS in silico bridges art, science and perception to reflect upon humanity's long-standing quest for an understanding of the nature, origins, and unity of life. It presents an immersive and interactive 3D world in which participants explore luminous and colorful 3D graphics and a unique sonic micro world composed of genetic sequences from the Global Ocean Survey. The Global Ocean Survey (GOS) is a recent pioneering voyage of discovery circumnavigating the Earth’s oceans.

ATLAS in Silico in operation