De Vez En Cuando (from time to time)
Experimental Video on DVD
Johanna Reich
Cologne, Germany

My video shows a young woman boxing toward the camera and a man and woman speaking. They are both saying the same thing, but in different languages: “The wind doesn’t change, bit by bit I learned, the wind doesn’t change.” Gradually, the black-and-white image acquires colored spots, evidence of an invisible fight. A poetic fight. I combined modern technical effects with an old-fashioned monochrome film style to create a particular mood. This manipulation of colors and style challenges the viewer’s perception.

Technical Notes

The video consists of two versions of images: colored and monochrome. Different masks let the colored video appear as stains in the beginning and in the end. Every frame of the colored video is arranged using several edited layers. The colored stains surface in conjunction with the sound: while the sound of beating is audible, the colored stains appear on the woman’s face.