Five artists were invited to participate in DIGITALEYES 2008: New Esthetic Dimensions in Computer Visualization Technology show. The artists are:

  • Sheldon Brown: The Scalable City, immersive interactive game environment, collaboration directed by Sheldon Brown, UCSD Experimental Game Lab.
  • Ruth West: ATLAS in Silico, virtual interactive environment and sonic micro world, an ongoing art-science collaboration at the University of California, Los Angeles and San Diego, Calit2, CRCA, NCMIR, and CENS.
  • Dan Collins: Twister, large scale sculpture, Dan Collins, Arizona State University.
  • Jacquelyn Ford Morie: Scent Collar, patented body wear, Jacquelyn Ford Morie, USC Institute for Creative Technologies.
  • Brian Evans: ZOIC, a kinetic sculpture installation, Brian Evans, California State University Long Beach.
  • MLum: Premiere Performance – "Mascara Lotus": MLum with guest artist smgsap will present histrio-phonic riffs and variations on "SoundWok Artiject".
  • Aubry Mintz, Art Department, California State University Long Beach. Animation artist Aubry Mintz will direct a special Family Animation Workshop.